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Allotta Farley Co., L.P.A.

With an office in Toledo, the attorneys of Allotta Farley Co., LPA represent multiemployer benefit plans and clients on ERISA matters throughout Ohio and surrounding states.  The knowledgeable legal team provides high quality counsel in a wide array of employment law matters.  

If you are in need of counsel for a Taft/Hartley Multiemployer Health, Pension, Profit Sharing, or Apprenticeship Plan or on an employment law question, please contact our office.

Taft-Hartley/Multiemployer Benefit Plans

Allotta Farley has experienced attorneys who can help clients with the specialized needs of Taft-Hartley plans and multiemployer plans, including pension, health and welfare, and apprenticeship trust funds.

Over the past 40 years, Allotta Farley has expanded its Taft-Hartley and multiemployer benefit plan practice across the state of Ohio. Our extensive involvement in the benefit and Taft-Hartley areas throughout the country allows us to keep on top of all developments affecting our clients.

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Healthcare benefit forms including: enrollment forms and applications, stethoscope and other medical and office items.
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Single Employer Benefit Plans

Allotta Farley has attorneys that are experienced representing single employer plans and their plan sponsors in ERISA and all employee benefit related matters. This includes wide array of complex legal issues, including:

  • Implementing plan designs with manageable and predictable program costs
  • Developing a contribution structure to attract and retain key employees
  • Advising on nondiscrimination and coverage testing, controlled group issues, and Qualified Separate Lines of Business (QSLOB) analysis
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Employee Retirement Income Security
Act of 1974 (ERISA)

Involvement of an attorney early in the application process where ERISA disability benefits are involved is critical to a successful outcome on your claim.  If the claim is denied during the administrative review by the insurance company, you have the right to file a law suit in federal court.  The record the court is permitted to consider in these cases is limited to the records that were provided to the insurance company, so it is important to involve an attorney at an early stage so that he or she can assist you with properly building the record to support your claim.

The attorneys at Allotta Farley Co., L.P.A. can assist you with gathering and submitting the medical evidence you need to increase your chances for a successful outcome on your disability claim.

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